Technical Requirements

*  Outdoors, Big Tops, Sala
*  Length: 30 min
*  Performing Space: 6 x 6 mts
*  Floor should be DRY, flat and     hard (very important)
*  Set up: 15 min
*  De-rig: 15 min
*  General public
*  Visual and without words
*  Lighting required in evening      shows.

Ludwig Van Beethoven is in a very important moment ,he has the melody of his life ready to come out of his head, there's just something missing ... What?
After the glorious moment of composition, he discovers a strange door that transports him to other worlds. Turning on it he observes, traveling through time, how his music evolves and becomes an immortal classic.
This work is based on real aspects of the composer's life, and use his music to recreate various scenes.
The techniques of mime and clown, musical creation, the participacion of the public and the cyr

wheel are the tools used by the character through the story.


Writing: Oliver Turndeep
Interpretation: Pololo

Choreography Cyr Wheel: Aime Morales
Direction: Frutillas con crema
Scenography: Study Mano



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