Smile Miles’ mission is to improve the emotional well-being of children under extreme poverty. We want to bring a cultural event to children that couldn’t have access to this type of experience. 


It also offers the training of pedagogues and humanitarian personnel working in the field, with the incorporation of games and laughter as learning methods.

Smile Miles goes to where kids this experience the most;  Asia, South America and Africa.


What does Smile Miles do?


-Support emotionally children maximum poverty. Laughter is scientifically proven to develop well being. Create an environment where laughing is develop, appreciated and shared is key for these kids..


-We work in proximity with the beneficiaries. It is a type of action of direct interaction with children, establishing a horizontal contact with them, being the artists on the ground.


-We empower a transgenerational space. In the shows children and adults laugh together, making possible the creation of a communication channel that normally remains drowned. Parents and educators see children laughing and playing in an unusual way, having fun without the need for material objects, encouraging empathy, and in some cases the effect that causes in adults is more powerful than the one that causes the children themselves. .


-We give away the immaterial. We avoid that our shows or actions are mixed with material donations, beyond the school elements we use, because what really consists of our work is to materialize empathy, and to demonstrate that we know that people in poverty need to be recognized as equals, as people who suffer emotionally, and who not only need the materiality to recover.


- We offer laughter against pain and hate. We open a door to you to fix your attention on something new and positive in order to download obsessions. We do not define ourselves as therapists but the organizations with which we work value our work as therapy.


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