Since the yer 2011, Smile Miles is the non-profit face of Circonauta. It has been working in Asia, Africa and South America, sometimes in partnership with the "Clowns without borders". Refugee camps, hospitals, prisons, orphanages and a variety of places where the laughter is really necessary are the chosen for  perform. 

If you want to help us, here are some ideas, but you can help as you wish!


* You can get us places to act and show our work, both in places where they can collaborate with us where we can help. They can be schools, soup kitchens, hospitals, etc.


* You can contribute materials you think are necessary in disadvantaged schools, colors, brushes, pencils, paper, etc. We will take care of it and manage it.


* We need help in the dissemination, design, office, development, etc. of our project.


* If you work with art, you can be part of one of our teams.


* We especially suggest that you make an economic donation, with your donation it helps to pay for the expenses of the missions, the school elements used and helps to create the possibility that the team grows. Endless Thanks!


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